“One More Day” is a storyline in which evil wins. No, that’s not a swipe as Quesada, I mean Mephisto wins, and as long as “The Deal” is in place he continues winning. It was however Joe Quesada’s idea, as he and other spider-writers wanted to get rid of the marriage to create…

…a Peter Parker that’s a hybrid of Charlie Brown and Archie Andrews. Every time someone new gets in charge at Marvel there’s talk about “will the Spider-Marriage be restored”, Marvel writers tease it knowing it will never happen like dangling a carrot to a rabbit, and yet it’s becoming more and more obvious that it can’t happen. Someday the audience wanting it will be gone either out of disgust or aging out and still it won’t happen. I’ve accepted this and opted not to read main continuity Spider-Man any more even if I start buying comics again.

I’ve discussed this to death but “Chi-Town Spidey” over at Spider-Man Crawlspace confirmed this by asking C.B. Cebulski himself at a C2E2 panel if there’s any chance to restore Peter and Mary Jane Parker…then wrote an article explaining why his answer is wrong! And his answer is so very wrong. I would add…why should I get invested in any relationship Peter gets into since we know it won’t lead anywhere. If they won’t restore the Spider-Marriage fans already want we know eventually Peter is going to break up because they’re not about to do a new Spider-Marriage if they’re reasons for splitting him from Mary Jane aren’t just a load of garbage and they don’t want to get called out on it by Peter/MJ fan. By not restoring the marriage they’re already telling me there’s no future for any love interest at all, so why should I care?


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