Not the weirdest wrestling match I’ve ever seen.

Sonic X #26

Archie Comics (January, 2008)

“La Layenda del Gran Gordo! (The Legend of the Great Big Guy)”

WRITER: Ian Flynn


INKER: Terry Austin


COVER ART: Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante

LETTERER: Phil Felix

EDITOR: Mike Pellerito

Sonic doesn’t believe famous wrestler Gran Gordo (which translates to “big fat”) is anything other than Doctor Eggman. Gordo fan Chris refuses to believe it…but as usual in these stories Sonic is right. Eggman is using this to gain more money (can he learn the name of the “little slips of green paper” please?) for his operation, but Eggman is finding he enjoys the role. Seeking to expose him, Sonic challenged Gran Goro to a fight and learns he has been cheating…but he enjoys the role so much and the fans seem to love him enough that Sonic decides not to expose him. Meanwhile all those sweets Bokkun have been eating has warped his mind and now HE wants to conquer Station Square.

What they got right: It’s an interesting story idea. Seeing Eggman taking on a hero role and decide he likes it may not be the redemption of Marvel’s Thunderbolts…seeing as he never reforms in the show so he couldn’t possibly in a tie-in…but it is an interesting premise they could have built on.

What they got wrong: Except we know he won’t reform because Flynn has no control over the direction of the anime being dubbed by 4Kids at the time so it’s clearly not going to last.

What else is there?: I have no evidence that this comic inspired the WWE wrestler of the same identity despite both being fake luchadores of large stomach.

What I think overall: If I cared about this series I might actually get into this storyline. Knowing it’s going to go nowhere however and this never being as enjoyable as the TV show even under better writers like Flynn just drains the excitement out of it for me.


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