All their way too advanced engineering and they couldn’t give it legs.

Robotech: Clone #3

Academy Comics, Ltd (Maryc, 1995)

“The Dialect Of Duality” part 4

WRITER: Rosearik Rikki

ARTIST: Tavisha Wolfgarth

Aboard the shuttle, Demont and Guilles’ reconciliation is interrupted by her missing memories, “recorded” by Baux, and the “temple” turning into a giant as the Monte Yarrow on the surface awaken. They use an advance version of the hyperspace fold to get aboard the Mordecai while Una whispers something into Rueis’ ear, seen only by Baux who notes Una has altered her spider-shape to something a bit more human-like in appearance. She tells him about how the humans will fight for what they believe in even if it costs them their lives, which Baux rejects.

What they got right: Before we get into the story itself I have to give credit to the creators. Last issue they apologized for unforeseen problems that caused some trouble with the art. This issue they corrected one page that readers had trouble following and organized the conversation between Una and Baux so the readers could follow it. It’s nice that they at least care about the readers following the story they’re making.

They also at least give the appearance of having a lore in place to work from when it comes to the Monte Yarrow and the Protoculture Spiders, with bios in the back of the book filling in details the readers may not have gotten from the story. Guilles is willing to apologize for believing his clone Mordecai Mind over his wife, showing his ego isn’t that out of control. They also use a cute gag strip to demonstrate one of Una’s powers.

What they got wrong: We kind of have the reveal of the Iconoclast, their version of the Veritech and Alpha fighters, on the cover but they don’t show up in the comic. Maybe it has something to do with the story taking longer than they thought so they had the wrong cover available (both are credited with making the cover)? That lore I mentioned is given more through the bios than explained properly in the story itself. Another maybe, but maybe they realized the lore wasn’t getting through and took the same course they did with correcting mistakes that surprised them? Still, while I give them credit for trying to do good by the readers it comes off as fixing mistakes rather than trying not to make them in the first place and not everything can be blamed on direction changes and lost files.

What I think overall: While I still have trouble seeing this as part of the Robotech saga I do give them credit for trying to learn from and correct errors. I think this is early in their career but at least they aren’t letting their egos ruin the experience for the reader and at least trying to do something about it…unlike a lot of modern writers, sadly.


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