Are we talking IDW or NBC?

Sonic X #27

Archie Comics (February, 2008)

“Conquest Is Like A Box Of Chocolates”

WRITER: Ian Flynn

PENCILER: Steven Butler

INKER: Terry Austin


COVER ART: Pat “Spaz” Spaziante

LETTERER: John Workman

EDITOR: Mike Pellerito

Eggman is settling into his new life as El Gran Gordo but Bokkun’s sugar rush has driven him crazy. He wants to force the world to only make candy and plans to kidnap the world leaders attending Gordo’s latest match. Bocoe and Decoe separately try to warn Sonic and Eggman, the latter being forced to expose his identity to help Sonic take Bokkun down and save the world leaders. Now Eggman leaves wrestling behind and returns to his mad scientist ways.

What they got right: Well, it is an interesting way to get the status quo back. Again, this is a tie-in to the anime (as presented by 4Kids on Fox Kids) so there’s a limit to what you can do in this comic. The rock ’em sock ’em robot gag was cute.

What they got wrong: However, the gags, even that one, really didn’t land with me personally. Critically the comic is okay but personally, like most of this tie-in comic series, I couldn’t get into it–and I enjoy the show.

What I think overall: Unless they’re buried somewhere I think this is the last issue I picked up and I’m surprised I lasted this long. It just never felt like the show to me outside of the art style (most issues) and I just couldn’t get into it. Next time we’ll begin the regular Archie run…or at least the issues I have.


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