Can Peter Parker save Yu Komori from the horrors of bad 1990s comic art?

Spider-Man: The Manga #27

Marvel Comics (March, 1999)

WRITER/ARTIST: Ryochi Ikegami

TRANSLATION: Mutsumi Masuda


COVER ART: Joe Madureira & Tom McWeeney


EDITOR: Dan Nakrosis

The mystery thief strikes again but this time the police are waiting for him. They aren’t prepared for his abilities, however. One cop gets a baton into his head (and somehow survives) and another is blinded. Spider-Man confronts the thief as he makes his escape and defeats him but doesn’t unmask him because he’s drawn a crown and Yu wants to protect Mitsuo. Believing the thief even escaped Spider-Man the press actually accuse the police of getting in his way (that’s something I bet has never happened to a Spider-Man before).

What they got right: We get a good showing of the thief using his powers and how Spider-Man’s experience and web-shooters are the only advantage he seems to have.

What they got wrong: So do we assume Yu didn’t know about the cops who got hurt as bad as they did? I know Yu wants to protect his friends but this seems like a bit too much to allow. Plus the pacing again leads to the comic being over too soon, which is more proof Marvel should have released the full story together. I guess we’d have to wait until the trade collection obsession hit. Nowadays they probably would only release the story as graphic novels.

What I think overall: Some good action but it’s weird that the one time the press is on Spider-Man’s side is when he’s the one that screwed up.


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