They aren’t even kind to their own characters, so why would they care about mine?

So next week’s comic we’ll talk about the Super Family news because there isn’t enough to talk about at the moment for a full article. Besides, this week is continuing the Many, Many Intros Of Scooby-Doo for October and that’s going to take time, while I still working on Captain Yuletide. Then of course there’s Monday’s Chapter By Chapter review of Tekwar still going on.

Meanwhile, over at The Clutter Reports I had dusting to do, so I simply reposted my old review of Superman: War Of The Worlds, with some minor tweaking since that isn’t the same crowd over there as here and they may not have heard of the Martian Manhunter or some of the other references I don’t have to explain to most of the BW readers.

So we’re done with Star Trek comics until I get any more in. That leads to the question of what do I replace it with? I’m starting to run out of old comics. Robotech still has a long way to go, once Spider-Man: The Manga is done I have some Marvels hanging out on ComiXology while I go over other ComiXology series on Saturday. Star Blazers is just in my “shorter series and one-shots” position on Friday, and while I can go on in that route and just make Star Blazers its own spot that will only hold for a few months and I still need to have something ready for when Robotech finally ends.

Therefore Friday is going to be something new and something I’ve wanted to review at least around the time I was pushing through Seduction Of The Innocent. Comics in public domain are available online legally and I’m going to start reviewing them. So the current pattern starting this week Monday thru Saturday is….

  • MONDAY: Robotech
  • TUESDAY: Marvel multiverse leftovers
  • WEDNESDAY: Sonic The Hedgehog
  • THURSDAY: Star Blazers/smaller series and one shots
  • FRIDAY: Golden Age public domain (I’ll be starting with the original Blue Beetle, rookie patrolman Dan Garrett, from Mystery Men Comics to his solo series. We’ll see where we go from there.)
  • SATURDAY: My ComiXology library, and when that finishes I’ll start digging into my Drive Thru Comics library
  • SUNDAY: I do a Clutter Report and Jake & Leon and that’s it

Hopefully you’ll find the new “Yesterday’s” Comic schedule to your liking. If not, enjoy the ones you like and have a great week!


About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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