Yep, it’s another Ultraman series. It’s a franchise I like promoting, and Ultraman Dyna is a series that ties in to both Ultraman Tiga, a direct continuation of set in that universe, and the current Ultraman Decker, as they share an enemy. Plus the creator of the GUTS-Select in that universe, shared with Ultraman Trigger, was transported from the Tiga and Dyna dimension…unlike Marvel’s multiverse I don’t think these have designations. Apparently these two particular Ultraman universes have a link.

After Tiga’s final victory the Earth is at peace and going forward to Mars…because another link between these two universes is setting up colonies on Mars for some reason. Then the Spheres attack a group of trainees…including headstrong Shin Asuka, who will become the next generation of Tiga…before Trigger officially took the name. Enjoy.

Sadly we don’t get to see as much of Dyna in action as we have previous Ultramen in Saturday Night Showcases. The full series is available through Shout Factory TV’s streaming service through their TokuSHOUTsu collection and channel, and on home video via Mill Creek Entertainment.

I know, I’ve been going to Shout Factory for a lot of these Showcases lately, and if they want to pay me for the promos I’m happy to accept. However, by posting the first episode to YouTube I’m able to bring you these shows. We’ll see if we can do something else next time though. It depends on what comes up in my subscription feed as I go through my YouTube backlog.


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