He’s not aiming for Sonic, Knuckles just really hates graffiti.

Sonic & Knuckles special

Archie Comics (August, 1995)

WRITER: Ken Penders

COVER ART: Patrick Spaziante & Harvey Mercadoocasio


EDITOR: Scott Fullop

“Panic In The Sky!”

CO-WRITER: Mike Kanterovich

PENCILERS: Art Mawhinney (chapter 1) and Dave Manak (chapter 2)

INKER: Rich Koslowski

COLORIST: barry Grossman

LETTERER: Mindy Eisman

“Fire Drill”

INKER: John D’agostino

COLORIST: Freddy Mendez

LETTERER: Bill Yoshida

“Lord Of The Floating Island”

ARTIST: Harvey Mercadoocasio

COLORIST: Freddy Mendez

LETTERER: Bill Yoshida

In the main story the Floating Island starts moving towards Knothole and the Freedom Fighters’ base. Sonic and Tails, who have been there before, go to investigate to find the island is also armed. Knuckles, not aware of any of this, attacks our heroes before they show him something is wrong. It’s Robotnik who has taken over the island to use against our heroes, but Knuckles tricks the villain into abandoning the island. This is the story based on the video game of the same name and while I’ve only played a bit of it this seems like a decent adaptation under the circumstances, but it’s also a decent adventure on its own.

The other two stories are short and focused on Knuckles. The first has Knuckles chasing a mysterious figure which leads him to a secret door on the Island…but that was just the first test. This sets up plans Penders had later for Knuckles and the Echidnas and it’s okay. It’s nothing exciting but it’s a set-up story. The other is just Knuckles rescuing a young kangaroo during an eclipse windstorm, which gives you insight into Knuckles personality and his reputation for the residents of the Island but not much else.

Overall this was a decent trio of stories but I don’t have a lot to say beyond that.


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