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Star Blazers: The Magazine Of Space Battleship Yamato #2

Argo Press (October, 1995)

“The New Voyage” part 1


COLORISTS: John Ott & Tim Eldred


Beginning the adaptation of the 1979 film Space Battleship Yamato: The New Voyage. On Earth, the original crew who survived discuss their future as they prepare to welcome a new batch of recruits. Among them is the son of the late engineer Orion and the cocky fighter pilot Sakamoto, who both manage to make a bad first impression in their own way. Meanwhile, Desslok takes his group to see the last moments of Gamilon only to find someone plundering what little resources left and attacks it. The Gamilons manage to chase them off just as the planet explodes. Who is this new enemy?

What they got right: I’m not even sure this is streaming legally for free so I haven’t watched the movie prior to reading this adaptation. It’s a good introduction to both the new cadets and the new enemy our heroes will have to face.

What they got wrong: I can understand not giving new characters like Sakamoto new names since they weren’t in the original series that got redubbed. I’m all for that. However, the regular cast still uses their dub names while the Yamato is still going to be called Yamato instead of its English name, Argo. Pick a lane and stick to it, guys.

What I think overall: I can’t compare it as an adaptation but on its own the story is off to a good start.


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