You’re not helping make the case that TV and video games don’t cause violence.

Sonic The Hedgehog #28

Archie Comics (November, 1998)

Sonic: “Saturday Night’s Alright For A Fight!”

WRITER: Ken Pender

PENCILER: Art Mawhinney

INKER: Rick Koslowski

COLORIST: Barry Grossman

LETTERER: Mindy Eisman

EDITOR: Scott Fulop

Tails: “Growing Pains” part 1

WRITER: Mike Gallagher

PENCILER: Dave Manak

INKER: Harvo

I’d say that it shares the colorist, letter, and editor, but editor notes are written by “Freddy”, which is not the name of the editor, managing editor, or editor-in-chief so I think they just missed a few credits

Despite a valiant effort (even from Antoine), Sonic manages to defeat the Freedom Fighters except for one guy who manages to get the drop on him. Sonic regains his memories and the hedgehog comes up with a plan to trick Robotnik and his tracking tractors.

What they got right: Sonic doesn’t necessarily make the Freedom Fighters look like chumps. Sally and Bunnie manage to get some believable strikes in due to Sally’s training and Bunnie’s cybernetics. Antoine at least comes up with a good strategy, and it’s an unnamed character (or at least I don’t know who he is) that manages to take Sonic out when he’s distracted by his own ego. Sonic may be the best fighter but he isn’t the only good one.

What they got wrong: Sonic recovers surprisingly fast in this tale? Pretty much it as far as critiques.

In Tails back-up story, a prelude to his miniseries, Tails is mad at the way he’s been treated, his defeat at the hands of the confused Sonic being the last straw as he feels like he’s not treated as part of the team. Having secretly put oil into his sub under Sally’s nose, Tails takes off to be by himself for a while. Robotnik, who had the dock bugged, creates a robot fox girl named Fiona to trick Tails onto his secret island. Tails is smitten with the girl android fox (not knowing about the android part), who leads him into Robotnik’s roboticizer.

What they got right: Tails is my favorite character in the Sonicverse so I like that he’s getting a solo adventure. (I hope IDW is treating him well.)

What they got wrong: I can see feeling like he isn’t treated the same as the rest of the group and continuing from the main story is a good idea, but he didn’t have any trouble working with Sonic to stop the tractors and didn’t seem mad at him. I think Gallagher tried to hard to make that the inciting incident or he wasn’t told how the story ends.

What I think overall: This was actually a good set of stories, concluding last issue’s main story while being a decent start to Tails’ solo adventure.


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