We’ve seen Japanese idol groups use mecha, why not have an American idol fight crime?

Idolized #0

Aspen Comics (June, 2012; as posted to comiXology)

“Every Little Thing She Does Is Tragic”

WRITER: David Schwartz

PENCILER: Micah Gunnell

no inker listed, so is the penciler just the artist?

COLORIST: David Curiel


EDITOR: Vince Hernandez

The comiXology copy includes the cover to the right by the comic artist but with Peter Steigerwald on covers and the photo cover by Michael Schwartz, with Rachel Clark playing the protagonist.

What happens when you combine American Idol and Who Wants To Be A Superhero? You get the hot new reality show Superhero Idol, ten would-be superheroes competing for a spot on the Powered Protectors. One of those is our protagonist, Leslie Linell, aka Joulee. However, she secretly interested in getting revenge on the political extremist known as Stasis, and according to this preview that’s not going to end well for anyone involved.

It is just a preview (which I can accept from a #0 instead of acting like the first issue) but it really does a great job of setting up the premise, the show’s host, and our protagonist (she’s not a villain but based on this preview she may not be a great hero). While we don’t know her direct issue with Stasis we know he’s at least the villain, and I can guess his anti-corporation fanaticism, the well-meaning goal of reducing corporate influence on the government but doing so by blowing up corporations, is tied into Joulee’s desire for revenge. She’s on the couch watching the ad with her sleeping grandparents so I’m assuming he killed her parents during one of the attacks. More information is given through a superhero magazine set in this world, including an interview with the host and some information that must come from a later issue because they’re exposing Leslie’s identity.

I also really like the artwork and coloring on this comic.

I’d like to read this comic someday, to see what Joulee does to mess up so badly, how she presumably won in the first place, and how she corrects her mistake in the end (hopefully). This look likes a comic I’d like to check out if it doesn’t get to Invincible levels of gore and violence.

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