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This isn’t a new phenomenon either, and I don’t just mean that this was recorded in 2020. Look back at comics from the 1970s, or earlier/later. Old people trying to write teenagers (read a Teen Titans comic from the 1960s), plot points based on current events that we look back upon with new information, the clearly dated references (even worse when someone is writing about the past having never experienced it and just references, say, a particular TV show that was popular in the past)…it all horribly dates when the comic takes place and kills a bit of that timelessness. Not as many people will get the Frasier and Niles Crane reference if they don’t know the show but was only put in there because the writer wanted to move Tony Stark to Seattle for his run. Reference responsibly, writers. The best comic stories are the ones that are still relevant years later.


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  1. This is largely an issue with “politics” in comics and stuff too. Because that stuff dates even faster than pop culture references.

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