Oh thanks, Logan, you ruined my comic cover. Jerk!

X-Men: The Manga #3

Marvel Comics (April, 1998)


TRANSLATION: Mutsumi Masuda


EDITOR: Glenn Greenberg

Continuing the adaptation of the Fox Kids episode “Night Of The Sentinels”, beginning in part two. The X-Men manage to destroy the mutant files while unbeknownst to them Jubilee is being tortured for information about them by Trask. Learning of the X-Men’s infiltration he sends a group of Sentinels to intervene. Morph is killed (until Fox Kids executives force his return a few seasons later) and Beast is captured, both while trying to save Wolverine from the Sentinels. Wolverine gets mad at Cyclops for leaving them behind and takes off to brood.

What they got right: It’s the same story as the original 90s US cartoon, but in a Japanese comic/manga style. I kind of like the cuter take on Rogue (though I wouldn’t want it as her US comics design because it would look weird) and it’s quite faithful to the episode being adapted.

What they got wrong: A little too faithful in one spot. Using a flashback to tell how Morph and Beast were taken worked in the story but here (at least in this format and I don’t know how this was released in the original Japanese publication) it just feels like weird pacing.

What I think overall: It’s an interesting take on the episode, though I didn’t collect past this issue. I’m just not that big into the X-Men, not even the Fox Kids show. At east I know how this ended. 🙂

Meanwhile, that means I’ve reviewed every physical Marvel Universe-related comic currently in my longboxes in every continuity I have in my collection. That doesn’t mean I’m out of Marvel comics thanks to my comiXology library; it just means the digital collection is where my reviews will be coming from unless I end up gaining a new Marvel universe comic. I’m not sure where that will leave Tuesdays once I’m done with that, though. We’ll see when the time comes.


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