Last photo taken underneath the alien battlefortress before it crashed on top of them.

Robotech #2

WildStorm Productions (March, 2003)

“Call To Duty”

STORY: Tommy Yune

WRITER: Jay Faerber

ARTISTS: Long Vo, Charles Park, and Saka of Udon Studios

LETTERER: Jenny Garcia


EDITOR: Ben Abernathy

Roy returns home after the truce is signed, ready to rejoin the circus with Rick. Then one day Admiral Hayes drops by to recruit him as a test pilot for a new type of plane. Despite not wanting to hurt Rick, Roy is easily talked into going to the secret location, and is then directed to Macross Island, where the ship and a growing city await him. He is met by Colonel T.R. Edwards, who shows Roy what he’s here to test, a new plane part of Project: Valkyrie.

What they got right: I like some of the little touches, like learning the plane Rick shows up in for the first episode is Roy’s old plane. The artwork is still amazing. The story itself is very well told. The part where Roy gets shot down, figuratively but portrayed with a little fighter jet as part of Roy’s expression, by a woman he tries to ask out but isn’t actually in the area was funny.

What they got wrong: At least when I realized the little jet was a gag about Roy being turned down rather than some odd bit or art. There’s still this nagging part of me that was happy with the story already told. It’s also seems odd given Edwards’ portrayal in later media to see him here like this. It doesn’t feel like the same character who went crazy, made deals with the Invid, and wanted revenge on Rick because he couldn’t take it out on Roy directly.

What I think overall: Whatever my misgivings on a new origin story I had to admit it’s a good one with fantastic art (not surprising from Udon). I’m enjoying the tale even if I find it a bit unnecessary.


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