If you were under the suspicion that Marvel Studios couldn’t give a lick about the source material, then we have proof you were absolutely right. Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore has come out and said for a fact that he only wants creators who know nothing about the comics and will just make movies that doesn’t care what the source material does. Meaning the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now more like the Marvel Namesake Universe, despite relative accuracy to the comics being one of the reasons the MCU was so celebrated until recently.

It’s more proof that there’s a pecking order in storytelling media and comics are too low on that list to even get novel-level accuracy. At least those changes (usually) are for the differences between formats. This is turning the comic characters into a bunch of namesakes…and they wonder why comic fans–THE REASON YOU HAVE THESE NAMES AND CONCEPTS TO MAKE MOVIES WITH BECAUSE THEY LOVED THE CHARACTERS IN THE COMICS SO MUCH–are pissed at them for ruining their favorite characters. If you don’t care about these characters we love, why should we care about your crappy movie? Apparently Moore isn’t a fan of anything, or maybe he’d think about what would happened if this happened to characters from a media type he actually thinks matters. This is what happens when you let media snobs take control of adaptations of media they look down on.


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