“You’re still mad about Pietro eating the last cupcake, aren’t you Clint?”

Avengers #91

Marvel Comics (August, 1971; in the comiXology trade of the Kree/Skrull War)

“Judgement Day”

WRITER: Roy Thomas

ARTIST: Sal Bucema

LETTERER: Artie Simek

EDITOR: Stan Lee

The neanderthal Hank takes Jan as a potential mate. Meanwhile, the others manage to knock out Goliath but Sentry #459 manages to defeat Wanda and Vision, with Quicksilver getting Rick out of danger. Ronan notices the love between Wanda and Vision, which he finds amusing, but now plans to further de-evolve the planet back to amoeba stage. His plan is thwarted when Quicksilver manage to get in and free their friends, destroying Ronan’s machine. Before he can strike back he’s called back to the Kree homeworld because the Skrulls have begun their invasion. Forgetting to give him instructions, Rowan leaves the Sentry robot to be destroyed with the citadel. Feeling useless after all this, Hank decides to quit the Avengers, Janet also leaving to be with her husband.

What they got right: On the collection’s side we’re finally getting into the Kree/Skrull war. I guess these two issues were here to set up things. We’ll see how necessary they turn out to be to the storyline as far as the trade goes. The defeat of Ronan works well due to his having to run off to fight the Skrulls, and the action is pretty good. They also seem to be developing a Vision/Wanda romance but with Vision not sure he can be a good mate for her being a machine.

What they got wrong: The dialog doesn’t hold up. There’s nothing cringy here (unless you’re annoyed about Rick referring to Wanda as “girl” at one point) but it comes off as hoaky to modern “ears”.

What I think overall: A decent end to this storyline but how it fits into the whole arc that this trade I’m using is about we have yet to see.


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