So my copy seems to have vanished. I think I have an idea as to when but not where to. It’s somewhere in this studio. Lucky for me I found a legal online copy from the people who worked on it…which will lead to something special after I review the next issue.

“Hurry, let’s find Tronix’s missing copy of this comic!”

Star Blazers: The Magazine Of Space Battleship Yamato

Argo Press (February, 1997)

“Be Forever Yamato” part 2: “Invasion: Earth”


ARTIST: Tim Eldred


The Dark Nebulans sweep easily through the Star Force, the ISP, and the robot fighters. Alex gets the commander’s last orders to Nova, who brings them to Derek. Sandor contacts the reunited Yamato crew with the location of the ship, while the enemy forces take over Avatar’s home, the still amnesiac commander having been spirited away. However, it’s clear the commander’s heart may not be in this invasion but he doesn’t mind attacking the group as they board the only available ship, with an injured Nova unfortunately left behind and in the hands of the enemy.

What they got right: There’s some really good action, showing just how dangerous the Dark Nebulans are without being ridiculously overpowered. We also see a potential ally among the enemies just as we saw an enemy among the allies.

What they got wrong: I still don’t see the point in resurrecting Avatar, but maybe that will matter later. This next complaint is more personal than critical, but a spacefaring race who worships a deity called the “lady below” is an odd choice. What is she below if they’re in space?

What I think overall: The story continues to hold interest, though apparently the series wasn’t doing so well. To save cost this issue was missing the “magazine” part of the comic, next issue is the last issue, and the final issue wasn’t even published. We’ll get to read that thanks to this website so maybe losing my copy of this issue has an upside. Next week (barring the usual nonsense) we’ll see the conclusion in the regular review and looking over the unpublished issue in the main feature.


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