I’ll be honest, I have no idea how this ended up in my comiXology library.


Monkeybrain Comics (2013; from comiXology, who claims this is a #1 but not according to the book itself)

WRITER/ARTIST: Gabriel Hardman

A man named Joe finds a lost dog and immediately becomes obsessed with him. Naming him Kinski, after actor Klaus Kinski, he’s disappointed to learn that his owner claimed him at the animal shelter, his girlfriend’s son having named him Bosley. Joe isn’t happy to see how short a lead he has on the dog and later that night the boy comes out to play with his dog only find him missing. Joe stole him.

What they got right: The art is rather good. It’s in black and white and uses it well. The story moves fast but we pick up pretty quick that Joe has immediately attached himself to Bosley/Kinski.

What they got wrong: I’m assuming the story will get into why he’s practically obsessed with this dog but so far I’m not seeing him as the good guy here. Outside of the short lead on the dog and leaving him out at night this could just be ignorance. The boy and Bosley seem to love each other and outside of the mother’s boyfriend drawn in the style reserved for the abuse boyfriend trope we don’t see him do anything evil. The creator is going to have to do more to sell me on their being truly abusive to the dog, though I would recommend a longer leash and at least getting him a dog house at night.

What I think overall: As the caption says I’m not sure how this ended up in my comiXology library. Even if the issue was initially free the plot isn’t really the kind of story I’m drawn to. I’m not sure why Klaus Kinski is reference because I didn’t hear about the man until I checked to see if there was a second issue since comiXology says it’s a number one but the book itself doesn’t have a number. At any rate it’s not really something I plan to further check into.

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