For Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I have some extra fun. Christmas Eve, thanks to official channels, will feature a cacophony of Power Ranger Christmas episodes. Not all of them (even if “Alpha’s Magical Christmas” was available I’d still rather post The Star Wars Holiday Special because at least you can have fun riffing on it) but the ones I want to add to my regular Christmas special playlist on YouTube, which I put in the sticky post every Christmas on the homepage along with the “Yule Log” playlist of Christmas songs, short trivia, and comedy.

Christmas day however will be the last batch of new Christmas specials and special Christmas episodes that will join them and already joined the ones posted this year I didn’t have an opening to post during this December. Hopefully you’ll find something you like, and even something you’re nostalgic for.

Next year however I’ll have two more, one of which I actually should have had this year.

The BW Christmas special reviews are all the video reviews I’ve done on Christmas specials. There’s a surprisingly high number of blind people in the first few reviews, which made for a nice running gag for awhile but I’m glad my selections moved on. Hopefully I’ll get to do more of these in the future.

However, there are more Christmas specials, Christmas comics, and other Christmas media that I can possibly review while God still has me on this planet. So this year I made a new playlist: Christmas Special Reviews By Others. It’s filled with other reviews of holiday entertainment. I hope to build that one up as well but this is a good starter if you’re coming in when I originally posted this. Like my own offerings these are fun or at least informative reviews and also positive towards the story being reviewed. So here are the Christmas episodes worth looking for if I haven’t found them first.

Enjoy the Christmas special post-a-thon over the next two days.


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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