Well, this will be a little easier than I thought. The episodes from Power Rangers Samurai (“Christmas Together, Friends Forever”, and Super Samurai‘s “Stuck On Christmas”) and Power Rangers Megaforce (“The Robo Knight Before Christmas”) are glorified clip shows where Christmas is just a framing device. There are nice moments like Master Ji allowing Bulk and Spike to hang out on Christmas Ever or Robo Knight visiting Africa and using the adventures of the Rangers to explain Christmas (poorly, given his frame of reference, or lack thereof), but for the most part Christmas is hardly even important to the story. Plus none of them come from the official YouTube channels (yes, there’s more than one for some reason) so I don’t feel right using them anyway.

Admittedly Power Rangers Dino Charge has the same problem with “Race To Rescue Christmas” but rather than simple reminiscing the Rangers are actually part of a Christmas adventure. Upset that she’s on Santa Claus’s naughty list, Poisandra takes his computer that keeps track of all the good and bad kids in the world…which for some reason Santa brought outdoors with him during a visit with kids…and the Rangers have to track it down before she can use it to find their base. It’s still a clip show but one that at least tries to wrap a Christmas Rangers tale around it, as Chase tries to get home for Christmas and everyone tries to save Christmas by rescuing Santa’s database. Plus it’s on an official channel, just one of the alternate channels. I’ll take it.


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