I know, Hanukkah isn’t the same as Christmas, just celebrated around the same time. However, I’m not against teaching about the holiday so non-Jewish kids at least know what their non-Messianic Jewish friends are celebrating. Of course for this one to work we have to play a bit with the lore.

Elena Of Avalor is a sequel to Sophia The First, a show set in a fairy tale kingdom (and thus based on European folklore as well as the Disney princesses early on). This show instead borrows from Mexican folklore and is an example of a strong action female done right. Elena isn’t perfect. When she’s right, she’s right and the show treats her as such, but when she’s wrong she’s able to learn from her mistakes in the hopes of being a good queen when she comes of age. Until then the council advises the teen princess as she gains the wisdom to go with her good heart and become the rule that Avalor deserves.

In this episode we have visitors from a country based on Israel to teach kids about Hanukkah. I’m not sure why not-actually-Israel still has Hanukkah since that’s as tied to Israeli history as it is Jewish custom, and I can accept Avalor having their own Day Of The Dead celebration in another episode. Still, the story works as so it goes on the playlist.



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