“It’s not our fault we had the better movie!”

Avengers #95

Marvel Comics Group (January, 1972)

“Something Inhuman This Way Comes..!”

WRITER: Roy Thomas


INKER: Tom Palmer


EDITOR: Stan Lee

The Kree have taken up with Maximus and taken over the Inhumans’ home, the Great Refuge. A lost Black Bolt is what brought Triton to New York, to see the aid of the Fantastic Four, but the Avengers are the ones available after dealing with the Mandroids. Worried about Wanda, Pietro, and Captain Mar-Vell still held prisoner by the Skrulls, Vision convinces the team to split up, one group to aid the Inhumans and the others to go after their lost friends. However, a delay by the Mandroids, being controlled remotely, gives Vision time to clear his head and realize they have to help the others with Black Bolt, who is rescued by the Avengers from a crime gang who wants to use him to commit crimes by threatening a boy under his care. Together they journey to the Refuge and free the city from Maximus’s control, the Kree taking Rick Jones as a hostage. Now the Avengers are ready to take on both sides of the war.

What they got right: There’s some really good action in this story and the art for the time is also quite good.

What they got wrong: Took long enough for our heroes to finally get involved with the war this arc is named after. Seriously, there are so many plots, not even subplots, going on that nothing is really getting the chance to shine.

What I think overall: It’s a good arc for action but methinks titling this “The Kree/Skrull War”, a name not used in the comic itself as a story title just yet, is not recognizing how little it actually fits into the story. It’s just a series of invasions and kidnappings that the war at best is only barely the cause of.


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