Not sure about this Dune remake.

Sonic’s Friendly Nemesis Knuckles #2

Archie Comics Publications (August, 1996)

“Rites Of Passage!” part 2

WRITERS: Ken Penders & Mike Kanterovich

PENCILER: Art Mawhinney

INKER: Harvo

COLORIST: Kyle Hunter

LETTERER: Mindy Eisman

EDITOR: Freddy Mendez-Gabrie

Knuckles and Archimedes are forced to work together to survive the desert and return to the former location of Echnidopolus. Along the way the spirit of Knuckles’ father leads him to an oasis…which disappears after they rest and supply themselves with food and water. Eventually arriving at Enerjak’s “Nekronopolis” the pair deal with Enerjak’s robot guards but face a worse threat…the mind-controlled Chaotix!

What they got right: Now we know why Archimedes has been messing with Knuckles, to prepare him for Dimitri’s impending return.

What they got wrong: I’m no biologist so maybe someone can tell me I’m wrong, but a heat-seeking not-a-sandworm seems an odd evolutionary choice in the desert when they hunt prey in the day, when deserts are actually hot. If they were nocturnal when it’s cold I could see. I also wonder what the point was of the history backstory in the regular Sonic The Hedgehog comics when they’re going to put it all here anyway, and in a style that looks like a comic in a comic. I found that part distracting. This isn’t Captain Super Fox Man.

What I think overall: A fair middle point but nothing really exciting. Half the book is exposition they already went over in the main book so if they wanted Knuckle-only fans or something the history why put it in the Sonic one? This was an okay read but not really winning me over here.


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