Every comic universe has their Superman, their Batman, their speedster, and their Wonder Woman. Many are missing their Aquaman.

Marineman #1

Image Comics (December, 2010; as posted to comiXology)

“Introducing Marineman”

WRITER/ARTIST: Ian Churchill

CO-COLORIST: Nicholas Chapuis

LETTERING/DESIGN: Betancourt & Roshell

Steve Ocean is the host of a marine-themed TV show, nicknamed “Marineman” because of at home he is in the water. We also meet his friends Jake Clearwater and Tina (last name not given here). Jake is Steve’s cameraman and Tina works at the same aquarium as Steve’s dad…which is a secret Navy base where Steve’s dad just finished a new submarine about to be tested by new arrival Lieutenant Charlotte Green.

What they got right: I do really love the artwork, and we do get a good introduction to what I assume is the entire cast. Plus, there’s a potential mystery when an event Steve is covering appears to be interrupted by a strange flash of light and a scarred deep sea diver who drowns after seeing it.

What they got wrong: However, that’s the only story we get. The rest is a meet the cast scenario as well as a lot of showing us Steve’s fans, Jake being a perv, and Steve doing a demonstration for Tina. (Someone check the science on all the diving stuff. I know Churchill says he’s a fan of underwater stuff but that doesn’t mean he knows the science. Some of it is interesting if true, though.) There really isn’t much time for a story.

What I think overall: It’s a start but that’s all it is. This feels more like part of a graphic novel rather than a miniseries so this appears to be more writing for the trade. At that point just make a graphic novel. Still, it looks good and I do like Churchill’s goal of taking a childhood superhero creation (I obviously can relate) and making a brighter hero in 2010. I hope the rest of the story is as good as this is all I have in my comiXology library.



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