I’m a bit tired today after shopping so let’s just let Owen Likes Comics do the work today.

The Ultimate Universe was not Marvel’s first attempt at a new imprint with re-imagined versions of old characters. It’s not even the first with Spider-Man, and we’re not counting “What If” stories here. Marvel 2099 was a project that made futuristic versions of Marvel heroes, their descendants in the year 2099 AD. I know, what a stretch. The only one to gain any significant interest, much like the Ultimate Universe, was of course Spider-Man: 2099, the adventures of Miguel O’Hara complete with his own origin in a time period where superheroes were just a memory.

In the following video Owen goes over all of the 2099 themed titles and possibly why the line didn’t do as well.



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  1. Always loved spider-girl myself.

    But 2099 did have a very striking costume.


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