It’s only 10 pages. How much pain could there be if it’s only half the comic? Remember, the job of a preview or ashcan or any other comic like this is to sell a potential reader on getting the series. So how does this do?

I could just be doing this to add another Mister Miracle image to the site’s media library.

Mister Miracle#1 preview edition

DC Comics (October, 2017)

“Meet Mister Miracle”

WRITER: Tom King

ARTIST: Mitch Geralds

COVER ART: Nick Derrington or Mitch Geralds; I’m not sure which cover this is

LETTERER: Clayton Cowels


EDITOR: Jamie S. Rich

I will say that Guided View doesn’t really guide you around anything. I had to go to zoom to see this in the online comiXology reader.

So let’s see. The story starts with Scott Free, Mister Miracle, who became an escape artist because he escaped the inescapable orphanage on Apokalips to live free on Earth, who has fought the New Gods and other supervillains…slashing his own wrists. Heroic? Of course not. After a few pages of Scott at the hospital, his friends and fans worried about him, and an admittedly nice nod to the cover of the very first Mister Miracle comic as a poster for his first performance, Orion comes through a boom tube, makes Scott stand, punches him in the face, and demand he stand up again.

So does this make me want to read the full story? Not on your life. We have a hero trying to kill himself, a hero with plenty of fans who probably wanted to see that hero do stuff they like seeing him do, art with very washed out colors to the point it looks like Zac Snyder did the cinematography, and absolutely nothing that I come to a superhero comic from. Ten pages. You lost all interest in ten pages. Somehow King would still go on to write more stories of heroes so screwed up that Five For Fighting would find it too cynical. A preview is supposed to convince you to want to check out the full series. This did the opposite for me. This isn’t what I come to the DC comic for and it’s not what I want to see from a DC hero. I wonder what Jack Kirby would have thought of this?


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