Usually when I bring content from a Media Zealot video, besides trying to get you to check out the full series, it’s a daily quickpost, something I either really agree with to the point I don’t need to comment a lot, or because it’s just something fun. This episode of his series “Villains Too Stupid To Win”, one of a number on his YouTube channel, benefits from a villain who has had enough movies that they made an hour’s worth of failures to point out. Such is the case with the real villains of Jurassic Park and its spin-offs. No, not the dinosaurs. You’d think the allegedly “pea-brained” animals would be stupid but they’re a lot smarter than the people at InGen.

Originally introduced in the Michael Crichton novel Jurassic Park, the second time Crichton has turned a theme park evil (the first being the original Westworld movie), InGen learned how to make dinosaurs…and that was oddly not their biggest mistake. While some characters died in the book, the movie adaptation did so well that some of them survive to do the sequel movie, Crichton himself forced to make a sequel novel so they can make a movie. From there you have three movies, a spin-off franchise, a cartoon, video games, and thus more ways for InGen to completely doom the world with dinosaurs without some cloned little girl being involved. Since this is an hour long it seems a bit big for a “quickpost” even though I really don’t have to add anything. Media Zealot has it all covered. Some swearing from the movie if that bothers you but for everyone else, please enjoy and go follow his channel (link in the first paragraph or through the video) for more content like this.


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