Someone never heard about bringing a gun to a fist fight.

Star Power #2

indie published (July, 2013)

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WRITER: Michael Terracciano

ARTIST: Garth Graham

The Void Angels hire Black Hole Bill, a hitman who likes his work a bit too much, to take down the star-powered sentinel. Meanwhile, Danica doesn’t want to train with a robot because…she’s Danica and that was the drone that helped her out in the previous battle. Our heroes learn “Mitch” can simply download the data they need but the chief and Brightman still try to keep everything secret. That becomes impossible when Bill sneaks onto the station and shoots the guy he forced to bring him here. Danica is forced to reveal her other self’s existence but manages to at least hide she is the “Star Power” as someone calls her because she couldn’t spit out the Sentinel part before being interrupted. She may have exposed herself–partially–but her actions saved lives so the Chief isn’t upset about what she did. Bill is captured but for his own skin warns them about the Void Archons, the more dangerous version of the Angels, coming to destroy the station.

What they got right: Silly as it may seem that Danica doesn’t want to “hurt” the robot that doesn’t even have an AI, it does give us a view of her personality and how she anthropomorphizes things that interest her or she feels a connection to. This may be explained later but it does play into her characterization so it’s not a surprise that she reveals her Sentinel self to save lives, and it turns out beneficial in the end. Black Hole Bill, as you’ll see in later appearances, is a great villain, an unrepentant a-hole in every sense. It’s fun to watch him in action just knowing he’s going to lose, but still comes off as a competent threat for Star Power as the series goes on.

What they got wrong: I really have nothing to say here.

What I think overall: This is the last of the physical copies I have but the archives are still setup by issue. The initial webcomic was released on a regular schedule one page at a time, while digital collections of each chapter was released afterwards, and the physical copies would eventually just be trade collections of the story arcs of each chapter. For example volume 1, which we’re going through right now, is Star Power And The Ninth Wormhole, the baddies behind all the events in this volume. I’ll be reviewed each chapter since in the archives it’s posted as a regular comic issue in digital form just because I want to read this comic again and talk about it. Plus the collection has reached another mess that I have to work out so I could use the chance to go through it.


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