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I would add that superhero capes were also inspired by boxers (before they went with robes) and the circus strongman, both influences in superhero costume design. The cape, especially if it’s invulnerable like Superman or has special talents like Spawn or NBC’s hero The Cape, can also be used to protect people you’re trying to rescue. Batman even uses it to distract his enemies in battle in the Arkham games or glide in the Nolan films and some video games. Capes do have uses and Edna Mode’s examples were of people being idiots. I wouldn’t put The Flash or Ghost Rider in a cape for example, for reasons the host mentioned, but there are heroes who could benefit from a cape, and in addition to showing movement they add to a dynamic pose for the hero or villain.

So don’t count out capes just yet. I wouldn’t mind a good cloak myself, one of those cloak/jacket hybrids he mentioned in the video. Of course, I’ve NEVER been fashionable. That’s probably reflecting in what my characters wear.

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