“Wait, who are we attacking again?”

Niko And The Sword Of Light #1

Amazon Content Services (2017)

CONCEPT: Kei Acedera, Jim Bryson, Bobby Chiu, & Adam Jeffcoat; developed by Rob Hoegee

WRITERS: Rob Hoegee, Ernie Altbacker, & Matt Wayne

ARTIST: Barry J. Kelley

COLORIST: Andy Brinkman

COVER ART: Jim Bryson & Bobby Chiu


EDITOR: Elliot Blake

Based on the Amazon Prime original animated series, We follow a series of adventures in one day as Niko, his trainer Princess Lyra, and their companions Mandok and Flicker deal with a corrupted monster, make friends with a bat and a talking gate, and battle monsters sent by their arch enemy Nar Est. Niko was created to be the Champion Of Light but thanks to Mandok and Flicker was woken up too early, but his good nature, existing skills, and his Sword Of LIght make him a mighty warrior and darkness cleanser despite being ten years old.

What they got right: This was a promo comic for the web series and it does a good job. Using the talking gate to give us insight into Niko and Lyra’s history as well as Mandok and the kingdom works well. Niko is still a kid but also knows when to be responsible. Lyra is not overpowered and serves as a good trainer for Niko while the rouge little primate Mandok may be a treasure hunter but is also supportive and kind enough to save the firebat’s baby when one of Nar Est’s monsters attacks them.

What they got wrong: The show is still on Amazon Prime though oddly the comic is no longer in comiXology’s store. Maybe it’s somewhere else but that seems odd. It may be over but it’s still up there to watch, with the first episode available for free as of this writing. Otherwise I don’t have a lot of complaints about the comic itself.

What I think overall: I may check out this show, or at least the free episode. It looks like a fun adventure show for kids but given my tastes I may end up enjoying it too. So successful promotion.


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