If you want to see the “complete story” summary of the Three Jokers story, Comicstorian did that as well as a rant about why he didn’t like it. I have watched none of these and wouldn’t even bring it up if not for needing to mention it in today’s Tangent Comics review and not wanting to waste the space going over it there for the uninitiated.

My quick thoughts: While the mystical pops up in Gotham City now and then it’s hardly part of the city’s identity so I have to reject Benny’s “paleman” theory. I go for the psyche theory because the Joker was driven mad when he hit those chemicals and the chemicals hit back. it makes sense for him to do a bank robbery one time, a murder spree the next, a simple revenge plot after that, and then just some general shenanigans that cause trouble. It’s what keeps the Joker unpredictable and as I’ve written before that’s why the Joker shouldn’t have an origin nor should we ever learn his name. We should learn the Doctor’s name from Doctor Who before learning the Joker’s. So basically I reject the three Joker idea.

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  1. […] a new way. I’m not a fan of the “three Jokers theory” in the main universe (see today’s Daily Video for more on that) and they basically ruin her mystique by showing us all three are separate girls, […]


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