“I have questions about the refit to Red Ronin.”

Captain America #12

Marvel Comics (December, 2005)

“The Winter Soldier” part 4

WRITER: Ed Brubaker

PENCILER: Steve Epting

INKERS: Steve Epting & Mike Perkins

COLORIST: Frank D’Armata


LETTERER: Joe Caramagna

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Aubrey Sitterson, Molly Lazer, & Andy Schmidt

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

Lukin uses the Cosmic Cube to force the bidders from other companies into signing their companies over. However, the power of the Cube is slowly corrupting Lukin’s mind, making him even more psychotic than he was before and addicted to the Cube’s power. Unaware of this, Steve shares the file with Sharon and Fury, all believing Lukin sent it to him to further mess with him. They try to convince Steve that this isn’t Bucky anymore but what’s left of him, no matter how much of his old humanity may be left. They don’t get through to him and while on the movie. Captain America isn’t sure Sharon’s wrong, but Nick called in what Cap really needs, a friend. Namely Falcon. We also get a flashback tied to this, when the Nazis did a little brain surgery to turn captured  British soldiers into suicide bombers, forcing Cap and Bucky to take them down before they got too close. Is that what Bucky would want now that he’s in essentially the same situation?

What they got right: Whatever else I’m going to say badly about this story please note that it’s all personal. On a technical level everything works. The drama, Steve’s indecision, Sharon and Fury being logical, Cap stopping to save a woman being attacked but being so easy she doesn’t even see her rescuer, the flashback that ties into Bucky’s current situation…it’s all great storytelling and I see why Brubaker gets the praise he does for this run and this story.

What they got wrong: I still don’t like the retcon of Bucky being a teenage special forces type operative, the dark colors (especially during the flashback) isn’t to my personal tastes, and the story overall is darker that I’m into, especially in this issue with the lobotomized soldier zombies.

What I think overall: While not in tune with what I go to superheroes for I’d be doing the story and the team behind it a disservice if I called it bad. It’s done quite well and they should be proud of their work. They’re just not changes I’m personally happy about.


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