Yes, no Jake & Leon this week. Thanks to stuff happening here at BW HQ very little got done this week and I’m not happy about it. The only thing I was able to do with The Clutter Reports this week is the same announcement I’ll be making here in a moment, and it only affects followers from Twitter. Hopefully (I’m getting tired of using that word) there will be no more disruptions and I can get back to pulling myself together.

So, if you haven’t heard Twitter and Automatic, the parent company of WordPress–whose hosting service I use for BW Media Spotlight and The Clutter Reports, aren’t getting along at the moment. I haven’t heard Twitter’s side of things but WordPress claims that Twitter wants too much money for technojargon that allows WordPress to auto-update to Twitter. Every time I make a new post it updates. Well, that’s not going to happen anymore unless they can come to an agreement. That means I’ll have to manually post updates to the BW Twitter Feed. It will still work for other services, so it still sends an update report to The Tronix Tumblr, which will at least take care of my personal Twitter feed, but for the official BW feed I’ll have to post manually. That means you won’t see a new post update when it actually posts but when I get a chance to post to Twitter that a new article has gone live. The schedule is:

  • 6 AM ET: Daily Quickpost (Daily Video or Daily Article Link usually) Monday through Friday
  • 12 PM ET: “Yesterday’s” Comic Monday through Saturday (old comic reviews: Tandy Computer Whiz Kids ends next week and the Ninja Turtles will take over Monday, with whatever’s next in line of Marvel comics from my comiXology library on Tuesdays, Sonic The Hedgehog on Wednesdays, random comiXology library review on Thursdays, random physical comic library I have yet to review on Friday–spinoff of the Tron 2.0 game starts this week, and Blue Beetle from Comic Book Plus on Saturday) with the Clutter Reports on Sunday
  • 6 PM ET: Feature articles. I’m still doing the Chapter By Chapter review of Batman: Knightfall on Mondays, and Saturday Night Showcase on Saturdays with Jake & Leon and the update on Sundays. The rest of the week depends on what their is to talk about.

That’s my usual schedule. You can keep updated on when the new article drops immediately by subscribing through the email or RSS feed subscriptions in the sidebar. Or if you use WordPress reader you can follow that way. Otherwise I’ll update Twitter when I get on. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s kind of out of my hands until they start playing nice with each other again. Have a great week, everyone!

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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