“That’s what I forgot: my swimsuit!”

Overwatch #8

Dark Horse digital comic (July, 2016)

“Ana: Old Soldiers”

WRITER: Michael Chua

ARTIST: Bengal

LETTERERS: John Roshell, Jimmy Betancourt, & Albert Deschesne


LEAD EDITOR: Robert Simpson

Okay…best I can tell Soldier 76 is after his old friend Ana, and I got most of that from the description, but has to fight some other guys she’s fighting and cybernetics and AI are involved somehow…and that’s the best I’ve got. The artwork is nice but there isn’t much story here. You can’t blame that on being 10 pages, and I’ve shown in Free Comic Inside. Other writers have done more story with less space available. It’s also kind of a shame that the only two issues I’ve gotten in this series featured none of the game’s more traditional or fantastical heroes but has focused on two of the more gun-ready ones. That at least is personal preference but as far as getting me interested in the game, neither has done a good job of that. I think the comics are meant for the actual players rather than attracting new attention to the games.

Wish I had more to say, if only because this is a real short article, but that’s all I’ve got. It’s the last Overwatch comic in my comiXology library though.


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