“Hey buddy, do you see a good parking space?”

Tron #2

SLG Publishing (April, 2006)

WRITERS: Landry Walker & Eric Jones

ARTIST: Louie De Martinis

LETTERER?: Eleanor Lawson

Yeah, I’m guessing on Lawson’s role. The back of the comic also gives a “speech & SFX” credit for David Hedgecock as missing from last issue and Lawson is given the credit this one. Apparently even the Grand Comics Database and the Tron Fandom wiki have little information on this comic.

A confused Jet is given a memory patch to “remind” him of the current war against the MCP that has begun since he left the computer world but even Jet himself doesn’t realise he’s a user, even when he manages to take out a Recognizer just using his regular disk. (Guess he didn’t keep any of his upgrades from the game.) With so many questions around him the general considers him a threat while a disembodied voice keeps calling to him. In self-defense, Jet…either attacks the general or some other thing forces contact, and Jet ends up taking over his codes as he comes across Mercury. Alone in a cell and confused what’s going on the voice calls to him again and a door opens in his cell, revealing a rabbit who tells him none of this is real.

The confusion from my earlier read is starting sooner than I thought. I know there’s supposed to be a mystery with Jet’s memory, the supposed death of his father, which would accidentally explain his absence from Legacy, and the return of the Master Control Program with the war now going on. However I just generally confused right now. The art doesn’t help as I can’t tell anyone apart and sadly I didn’t get far enough into the game to know who Mercury is. Not that I think finishing the game, which I hope to do someday, would help here.

I’m not sure what else to say because I’m somehow more confused than Jet is at the moment as I don’t even know what Jet knows as far as what’s happening in the computer space. Maybe we’ll get some clarification next issue?


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