Apparently I need more Terminator images in my library.

It’s almost post time and today’s been a time drain. So let’s thrown something up so you at least get something fun out of the day and hopefully I haven’t forgotten posting this in the past. Sometimes I forget to take a video out of my filler playlist.

Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day are the only movies in the franchise really worth watching. The others have issues ranging from being unnecessary to being weak to being a source of sociopolitical pandering. Maybe somebody liked the TV series because the teen Terminator girl was cute or maybe the story got better after I stopped watching it. I stand by my claim though I do want to see Salvation out of curiosity.

One of the things that makes the movies amazing are the practical effects used for the Terminators in the post-Skynet future and the way liquid mercury was used to help create the liquid metal effects of the T-1000 (that scene where the 1000 reforms itself after being blasted apart) in a time when computers were still a new thing and needed that kind of help. It’s a testament to the advances in special effects and how necessity is the mother of invention. However, in this video from 2021 the gang at Corridor Digital tried to recreate the effect using modern computer animation. How well did they do? Let’s find out.

Catch more from the Corridor Crew on YouTube

Wren posted the following in the comments:

To everyone saying “sorry, but the original shot looks better”: Haha we know! Isn’t that amazing though? It proves that nothing beats talent, craftsmanship, and a good eye when it comes to making art. The tools are secondary. I really wish I had more time time make a V2. I learned so much from my first attempt that I feel confident I could make it much better if I tried again. Still though, nothing but MAD RESPECT for the original artists!

Admittedly it isn’t perfect but this was more proof of concept than trying to create something cinema quality. It’s still cool what they did and tells you how amazing the original effect was despite not having the advancements in morphing techniques. In fact the original movie had to create a lot of new styles of effects to make the T-1000 believable.

And if you need your own motivation, here’s that guy from Wren’s playlist.


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