Tsuburaya Productions has been doing a great job with their official Ultraman YouTube channel. In a previous Saturday Night Showcase we looked at their posting of Ultraman Z (pronouncing the Z “Zee”, which is how we Americans do it, as “Zet”). If you want subtitles use the close captions and you can read what everybody is saying. However, not everybody likes using subtitles, and Tsuburaya thought of that.

So tonight I’m bringing you the same first episode, only now it’s been dubbed into English, like the YouTube series Ultra Galaxy Fight. They didn’t use the same voice actors for Z and Zero (I’d have to watch to confirm Z’s new VA but I know Zero wasn’t played by Sean Schimmel in Ultra Galaxy Fight and the change was both noticeable and disappointing for me for continuity sake.) The theme songs and credits aren’t translated into English, even with subtitles, something the Godzilla YouTube channel has actually been doing–adding credits in the captions. Still, for those who don’t want to read while they’re trying to follow the action, the voice acting is quite good and the show itself still worth catching. If you’d rather hear Japanese and read subtitles the whole series is already up, but for those who prefer English or just want to rewatch the series, now’s the time to start as they re-upload the series with new voices.


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