“These are not the sea monkeys I ordered!”

Prime-8s #1

Monkeybrain Comics (2013)

WRITERS: Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley

ARTIST: Kyle Latino

COLORISTS: Jordan Gibson & Stephen Bobbett

LETTERER: Ryan Ferrier

There was a time when the eight primate heroes that made up Prime-8s were among the greatest heroes of the world, if not the greatest. However, something happened that caused three of the members to leave, with only four members left. Now the remaining trio–the four-armed Fourilla, the sonic screaming Howler, the high-leaping Ba-Boom, and Monkey Lou–just got beaten by a group of villains Fourilla is convinced signals the return of Dr. O. Power Mandril has quit for an office job, Monkey Lee and Chip Chan Z are actors in a spy picture, and even if they believed him they’re no longer superheroes. However, Ana Conda and Bear Naked are working for someone and they just delivered the component needed to activate the Orangatank!

What they got right: While we don’t know the full details of the inciting incident that led to the team breaking up, we do get a look at the personality of each of the members, and the powers of the active members. There’s enough variety and powers between the heroes and variety to the villains to keep the story interesting.

What they got wrong: A lot’s being left to at least the second issue, like what even nearly doomed us all and made the group split up. Why (outside of puns) are they called Prime-8s when there’s only seven of them? This is the risk you take when you come in this far into the story and hopefully it paid off in other two issues.

What I think overall: I wouldn’t be against reading the other two issues but it’s not something I’m really drawn into tracking down, which is rather hard with Monkeybrain shut down and I don’t know if anyone reprinted them or put them back online.


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