This cameo not approved. The comic he's from is.

This cameo not approved. The comic he’s from is.

I remember somewhere in the comments that we were allowed to have him visit our comics. So I did.

“He” is Ringo, the “Zordon” of Crossoverlord, a webcomic that features heroes of numerous webcomics coming together to face a mutual threat. One of the heroes includes Lightbringer, created by BW fave Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug, which is how I came across the comic. Ringo’s mission is to travel to other comics universes and recruit it’s heroes in a battle against “The Smiling Man”, who wants to become the Crossoverlord. I discussed it a bit more in the Weekly Wrap-Up that debuted this strip. Having worked on a similar team project, I was curious to see how well it works. Outside of the art style changing from page to page, it works rather well.

Anyway, Ringo goes out looking for heroes, but in this comic the only superheroes are the ones in the comic books, so he’s not finding anything here. Of course, the question is whether or not Ringo actually knows that he’s a comic character, or if he only knows that in the universe of Jake & Leon, since the fourth wall pretty much doesn’t exist, being a commentary comic and not a storyline-based comic. Hopefully someday I’ll have a superhero character worthy of at least a brief cameo. Which won’t be done in this style, FYI.

As for the punchline (for lack of a better word), “to who” is a reference to my still small readership, being only a year old. But I am in the 50s. Or perhaps the fourth wall; maybe he can’t see through it like our boys. Yeah, I gave continuity a wedgie with this one, didn’t I?

In today’s comic, Ringo was done with the inking pen set, with Jake and Leon done with the usual marker pen. Not only does that set them apart…slightly…but gave me a chance to get some use out of all the tools. I’m not sure I got the “mask” design on Ringo’s collar exactly right. I used the “preamble” from Chapter 6, if anyone wants to see what model I used. Also, because he’s a multidimensional being I decided to use one of the lesser-used balloons that came with PSP and altered the font a bit to reflect that in his speaking.

Panel 2 was harder to draw than it looks. Not Ringo, a character model that doesn’t interact with the style and I’ve never drawn before, but surprisingly Leon. For some reason, I just couldn’t get him drawn at the proper size, so instead of having Leon stand next to Jake (like the other panels), he looks like he’s further back. I drew and redrew him, covered the pencil indents (this is why computer paper is a poor choice, kids) with liquid paper, and still couldn’t get him right. So that’s what you got. Also, I had thought of splitting panel 3 and giving Ringo more “thinking time” before trying to push his comic, which would break up the “action” a bit instead of the same shot for four panels. However, when all you have to emote with is a pair of eye sockets, it’s kind of limiting what you can do with him. 🙂

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