Things are slightly different this week. I actually have the comics in this list already. Usually I get my comics on Thursday because that’s when I’m paid. However, I had some extra money and the next few days are going to be horrible weather-wise, so since they come out on Wednesday, I went for it. Also, “Transformers: Shattered Glass” and the “Marvel Adventures Iron Man” digest arrived, so I’ll review those on Sunday. So here are the two new comics I have obtained:

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #46

Since I needed something for this month’s Christmas theme, and this involves Peter trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for Aunt May, I figured it’s about time I started picking up this series. Ok, that’s not it. Why haven’t I gotten this sooner despite my love for Marvel Adventures? Well, for the same reason I didn’t get into MA: Adventures until recently. Way back when, during Free Comic Book Day, Marvel’s entry was an MA Spider-Man/Fantastic Four team-up, to promote both MA series. However, the story they used was from an issue of “Marvel Age: Spider-Man”, which were the old Stan Lee stories updated to match whereever in the new timeline the event should have taken place. So that’s what I thought Marvel Adventures was going to be, and I wasn’t feeling that. It wasn’t until MA:Iron Man that I learned I had been duped. So since I’m crazy about MA:Avengers and Super Heroes, I had to pick this up. Finally. (I never got into the Fantastic Four or Incredible Hulk outside of the shows, so I haven’t gotten those. I really don’t care about FF, but how’s the Hulk?) So let’s see if it lives up to my other faves.

Transformers: Maximum Dinobots #1 (cover b)

The comic on ComiXology is cover a, but I liked the “b” cover better. Just seemed to be a bit more action to it. I think I mentioned before my addiction to any comic with “Transformers” emblazoned on it, so that’s really why I got it. Well, that and I do want to see what happened to the Headmaster team of Hunter and Sunstreaker. (If you haven’t been following the Furman madness of IDW at this point, you won’t understand. This toy was never made, however. Simon decided rather than use the Headmasters that already exist in the mythos, he’d force these two to undergo it.) I suppose it was a matter of time before Furman gave in to his man-lust for Grimlock. I’m not a fan of what he’s done with the universe as a whole, but sometimes there are ideas I like. (Transexual Arcee is not one of them.) But I’ll give it a shot. Reluctantly, but I will.

I would have picked up the Doctor Who Classics release this month, but I already have that story from the Marvel releases back in the 80’s.

Also to note, the “gold” list of Free Comic Book Day comics for May of next year has been released. It looks like the Transformers Animated/GI Joe crossover is just going to be the Optimus/Megatron story from last week’s “The Arrival” comic, so I may actually ignore this one. I’m not sure if “free” will convince me to get the DC and Marvel offerings, but it might. Oddly, the one I’m most interested in is “Cars”, and I still haven’t caught the movie. Also the “Shonen Jump” with a story by THE Stan Lee and Hiroyuki Takei, creator of the “Shaman King” series. That should be interesting, to say the least.

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