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Sometimes on the Internet I come across something that drags my attention away, and I have to go over every part of it. For example: if I find a web series or blog that I really like, I’ll waste most of the day, and lose track of time going through the archives. Tonight, I bring up one of those sites. So if you haven’t found it already, let me introduce you to Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug and Atop The Fourth Wall.

Who better to tell you about AT4W than Linkara himself?

The open is an Ed Wood joke. Or so I hear.

Starting as a blog where Lewis Lovhaug  could rip on bad comics, he decided to do a video review for Halloween with the third part of the “Smoke and Mirrors” arc of the Spider-Man comics, the point where he believes the infamous “Clone Saga” turned to crud. He submitted the video and some other video reviews (which his readers loved) to That Guy With The Glasses, a website started by the Nostalgia Critic and featuring skits and, most notably, ripping into bad movies, video games, and whatever Doug Parker and his fellow contributors come up with. (Lovhaug also does a series called “Let’s Play Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force”, a comically narrated walkthrough of the video game, and “Five Panel Comics“, which should be equally obvious.) He was wisely snatched up, and now Atop The Fourth Wall is a popular series on the site. (The videos and other postings still go up on his blog.)

If you want to hear a better version straight from Linkara himself, here’s a podcast (since removed) done at That Guy With the Glasses to introduce him to the “Channel Awesome” audience.

I have no idea where he came up with the name “Linkara”. He only seems to use it at That Guy With the Glasses, including skits he does with the other members, including the infamous “final battle” between the Nostalgia Critic with the rest of TGWTG, and the Angry Video Game Nerd and his Screw Attack allies. But anyone who slams the Spider-Marriage destruction as much as he does is already my hero. 🙂

I also don’t know where the title came from, but I can guess. In theater, unless I’m wrong, the “fourth wall” refers to the area where the audience is sitting, since the set usually has three walls. If it had four, we couldn’t see anything. This is also the origin of the expression “breaking the fourth wall”, when characters either speak to the audience or at least acknowledge them (or the fact that they’re characters in a show/book). In this case, the fourth wall is where the comic reader is, and Linkara sits atop it.

In addition, Lovhaug is also a writer, with three novels to his name, and a spin-off webcomic called The Lightbringer. Additionally, he writes for the downloadable comic Revolution of the Mask (no connection to the Dark Horse comic) for Brain Scan Studios. I haven’t had a chance to go through all of them, but I read the first “issue” of The Lightbringer, and it seems similar to some of my goals in making a comic. In other words, he is where I hope to be at some point. Well, without the video blog. I don’t have the kind of personality to do TV/audio, or the internet equivalent.

(Also, I normally don’t review bad comics or shows. A collection of my size has it’s stinkers. Wait until I get to the Battle of the Planets/Thundercats crossovers. One was good, and the other spit on my childhood. Usually, I’m more an “accentuate the positive” kind of guy, but those aren’t as funny.)

The videos are a riot (and might induce some), the comics deserve to be ripped on–or up, and his theme song is as snazzy as his hat and magic suicide gun. If you like watching bad comics burn (only literally once), you should be watching this series and reading the blog.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future. Thanks


  2. Linkara says:

    Thanks for the rundown! Though admittedly my books were written when I was younger and less mature (except for the third, anyway) and the writing could use some work and rewrites. And frankly, the first issue of Lightbringer is… well, sub-part. XD I’ve improved, but it’s taken a while.

    In any case, thanks for watching and writing about me!


    • ShadowWing Tronix says:

      The only difference between your old comics and my old comics is your are online. 🙂 I know you also took on a new artist, and he does a good job. At least it got me interested in reading the rest, and I grade first issues/pilot episodes on curves anyway. Haven’t read the books, though.

      Thanks for making a great blog and show. I’ll probably be adding comments in future posts at some point, once I’m caught up in the reading, so you’ll hear from me again. 😀


  3. […] or at That Guy With The Glasses. For more on Linkara’s status as BW fave, check out my Internet Spotlight on Atop the Fourth […]


  4. […] every week, and as Jake noted he’s one of the few creators whose work I’ve reviewed to actually comment. Not the first, but one of the earliest. Granted I don’t think he’s read the site since […]


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