Although since I’ve reviewed him before it would be fair.

With my own ten year anniversary coming up in November I wanted to give a shoutout to Lewis Lovhaug, aka Linkara, on his 10th anniversary of making his web series. I’m assuming he’s not including text reviews but it’s still 10 years of making bad comics burn, fighting eldritch horrors, and fighting YouTube’s content ID system once all his other hosting choices collapsed when it comes to History Of Power Rangers, which he’s allowed me to post here and I do have to fix the embeds and hope he doesn’t have those videos taken down. Also I’m a bit behind on my end since I also discuss my thoughts on the shows. I look forward to his show every week, and as Jake noted he’s one of the few creators whose work I’ve reviewed to actually comment. Not the first, but one of the earliest. Granted I don’t think he’s read the site since but it’s still an early badge of honor for me. Since then he’s popped up quite often, including appearing in Jake & Leon.

I also met his future wife Viga a few times at ConnectiCon. She was the title card artist for one of my Reviewers Unknown colleagues and had a webcomic at the time so I thought it would be interesting to meet her. We got along okay and the last ConnectiCon video I need to edit features me joining her and other more popular than me reviewers (including two other RU alums) playing a Japanese video game called Super Table Flip. So I have some odd connections to someone I’ve never met. 😀

However one of the missions of this site is promoting stuff I like. Atop The Fourth Wall and his other projects always brings fun reviews and suspenseful science fantasy and even on those rare occasions we disagree (Adventures Of Kool-Aid Man comes to mind) he is entertaining and humorous. He enjoys what he does and is always respectful of fans and detractors alike. He’s a good storyteller and that’s what brings me to his shows as much as his reviews. So congratulations again on ten years of reviews and adventures, and here’s hoping for many more.

(I’m also considering adding reviewing one of the “Angel Armor” novels he wrote as a teenager for Chapter By Chapter as a milestone when I revamp my Patreon. Not sure it will help though. I have reviewed some of the comics he worked on like Lightbringer and Revolution Of The Mask.)

Speaking of Chapter By Chapter, this week I’m going to wrap up my look at The Death And Return Of Superman by going over the whole three arc storyline before we introduce the new book in two weeks. Meanwhile, over at The Clutter Reports, I have my final book report on the novelization. I hope you like the book I have planned next. For that matter I hope I like the book too. 🙂 I’ll also be checking out the Crusher family in my ongoing look at the story bible for Star Trek: The Next Generation season one. I haven’t decided what the other articles will be about this week.

As far as my own comic reviews we’re finishing Green Lantern/Sentinel: Heart Of Darkness and beginning the adaptation of the first Michael Bay Transformers movie. And now I’m wondering if I should do a Transformers movieverse novel with Bumblebee toys coming out. And yes, seeing a toyline called Transformers: Bumblebee is making my inner child dance with joy, while my adult self is reminding I have no money coming in. 😦 Finally, This month will begin the month of November, and longtime readers knows what that means!

Yep, we’re doing the Art Soundoff Challenge again! Started by Jerzy Drozd and Rob Stenzinger of Lean Into Art and the Lean Into Artcast, it’s a challenge for comic creators to take 15 minutes to do a quick micro-podcast about their comic making day or other thoughts on comic creation. I will discuss the Worldbuilding Project and where that stands as well as other thoughts from a minor creator and media critic. Mine will be in v-log format and will only go weekdays and hopefully I’ll be able to do the full month this year. Morning Article Links will disappear for November but if something interesting pops up I’ll post it somehow. Well, this will be a full week so I better get started!

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