Sometimes your just not really in a posting mood. Luckily, I have something short and sweet (with the occasional curse word) to save my butt. 🙂‘s YouTube page includes the web series Freeman’s Mind. Based on the Half-Life game series and using the original game, creator Ross Scott gives us a runthrough of the game (which I would love to play someday), with a look within the mind of Gordon Freeman, the otherwise silent character you play in the game. It’s rather amusing.

I chose the second episode as it had the least amount of cursing, and still gives you an idea that Gordon…actually he’s kind of a jerk, isn’t he? It only gets worse when the aliens show up and he’s trying to get free. If  you like the game and can handle the swearing and references, it’s a fun series.

Freeman’s Mind is a “machinima” (a video that uses video game footage, or hacking the game and manipulating the characters), a unique way of making a movie or series. The Half-Life game itself is known as much for the “mods” (fan-produced games using a favored game as a search engine–technically illegal, but Half-Life was one of those games where the company that created it, Valve Software, not only encouraged it but helped modders along with a kit and making their search engine open source, so it’s perfectly fine) that came from it as it is for the beloved video game itself. Freeman’s Mind is really just a play through of the first game, with Gordon’s “voice” over it, giving us an idea what Gordon is thinking (or a parody of same) as he goes through the experiences when the Black Mesa research group accidentally opens a gateway to another world, and the underground complex is flooded with invaders. Scott’s take is rather humorous, and I recommend it to video game and Half-Life fans.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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