"I told you, not on a first date!"

Buck Rogers #10

Dynamite Entertainment (2010)

WRITER: Scott Beatty

ARTIST: Carlos Rafael

COLORIST: Carlos Lopez

LETTERER: Simon Bowland

COVER “A” (shown): Carlos Rafael

COVER “B”: John Watson

Buck, Buddy, and Dr. Huer attempt to sneak into the air city of Han, but are betrayed by Black Barney. Buck is forced to compete in a deadly tournament, but the fight is interrupted by Wilma suddenly being dropped into the battlefield. Then another attack occurs, as a volley of rocks comes…from the moon!

What they got right: Pretty much everything they’ve gotten right so far. The story is good, the art is great, the characters are believable, and the action is fantastic.

What they got wrong: We’ve already got one bad guy using a death ray from a flying city. Now, right in the middle of that arc we’ve got new baddies who fire rocks from the moon? And when did Wilma suddenly go flying into the battlefield, her word balloon in the panel before indicates that she’s below Buck? I know Harrier has mental issues, but that seems to happen just to happen.

Recommendation: I’ve been favoring this book since the #0 preview, and I have no reason to stop now.

I don't think they saw that movie, Buck. {click for full-size}

Tomorrow’s Comic: Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes v2 #1 (They don’t call it volume 2, but I do.)

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