So bland I can't even make a joke about it.

Phantom/Captain Action #1
Moonstone (2010)
PENCILER: Reno Maniquis
INKER: Keith Williams
COLORIST: Bob Pedroza
LETTERER: Josh Aitken
STORY EDITORS: Joe Gentile, Matthew Baugh, & Richard Dean Starr
COVER “A” (shown): Art Thibert
COVER “B”: Mark Sparacio
COVER “C”: Michael T. Gilbert

Trying to protect Diana from a counter intelligence group known as Tatsu, the Phantom is taken prisoner and barely overhears about a “Project Puppetmaster” while heavily sedated. Worried about her husband, Diana calls in Captain Action, an old friend of her family, to assist. After stopping an attack by the Tatsu disguised as the Phantom, Action heads out to find the Phantom. Later, Diana’s car appears to break down, but it’s a trick on her part to get into the bad guys’ lair, but she ends up getting caught.

What they got right: When the original Captain Action figure was released in the late 1960’s, one of the disguises he was given was that of the Phantom. So this crossover, now that Moonstone has both licenses, makes perfect sense. It’s a high action comic, and the fight scenes, while not perfect, are still decent enough.

What they got wrong: Who is Captain Action? Does he morph into various people? Seriously, we get a bunch of exposition about “Project Puppetmaster” from two of the Tatsu goons, but not even a paragraph about who Captain Action is (or the reverse for fans of Captain Action who don’t follow the Phantom). The end of the comic reprints an old Captain Action ad, but that’s it. Also, the covers are all rather bland. So much for variant covers.

Recommendation: If your not a completest or not really willing to look up who these characters are, I can’t recommend the comic.

I also couldn’t come up with a “Best Scene” nominee.

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  1. […] version has joined forces with the Phantom, as seen in a crossover I reviewed when it came out. (Issue 1| Issue 2) I actually received a review copy of issue #2. That’s not really happened before […]


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