Hasbro’s official Transformers site is currently running a Hall of Fame voting poll. Some of the characters–Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, and of course the #1 Bumblebadass himself–are already headed for the Hall of Fame, but five fan-chosen nominees are up for final vote and will be the fifth inductee. Just to have something to post, here are the five nominees, and some fan-art I grabbed from deviantArt to go along with it. Click on the pic to go to the actual page and bring it up full-screen.

Also announced were inductees on the non-character creative side. I’m glad to see Bob Budiansky finally get the recognition he deserves. Peter “Optimus Prime” Cullen was a given, but seeing some of the Japanese side importants was a nice surprise.


Allegiance: Decepticon

Function: Communications officer

None of Soundwave’s depictions have ever matched his tech spec profile. He was never seen blackmailing his fellow Decepticons. I think ONCE he actually read someone’s brain impulses. Soundwave is usually loyal to whomever is in charge, so when Shockwave assumes command in the Marvel stories, Soundwave is loyal to him, but usually he does everything Megatron tells him. He probably more well known (outside of his distinctive voice) for having his cassette partners (which I like to refer to as Cassettecons), who turn into regular Transformers with their own personalities rather than drones. In fan circles, Soundwave and the Cassettecons are the closest things the Decepticons have to a family structure–or getting along with each other. Soundwave seems to be the gambling favorite to end up in the Hall of Fame.


Allegiance: Autobot (supposedly)

Function: Simon Furman’s pet character Dinobot group leader

I hate Grimlock for the same reason I have Wolverine, except that while Logan is the “pet character” of a whole bunch of writers, Grimlock belongs to just one: Simon Furman. It must be killing him not being able to write Grimlock into the Movieverse story he’s currently doing. Furman’s Grimlock is the one most writers use, if they ever get to use him. Unlike the cartoon version, Grimlock is rather intelligent, but has a belief system that’s closer to the Decepticons. Yet somehow, no matter how far he strays from the Autobot code, no matter how many get injured or killed because of his actions, he will somehow be portrayed as doing the right thing, and get more power because of it. It’s like everything that was wrong about the 90’s one decade early.


Allegiance: Autobot

Function: Special Operations

Although he’s not the one I voted for, I admit that I love Jazz. After Bumblebee and Swoop he’s my favorite G1 Autobot. As Optimus Prime’s right hand mech, Jazz is good at what he does. He’s also the #1 life of the party, always looking for the sweet sounds to hit the groove. Being voice by the late Scatman Crothers is an added bonus. He’s one of three characters in the Animated series (Grimlock and Blurr being the other two) to match completely with the G1 version, and his movie version was too cool to be killed off the way he was. Darn you, Michael Bay!


Allegiance: Decepticon

Function: (officially) Military Operations Commander (unofficially) Decepticon Commander Supreme

It should be no surprise to anyone who reads my “Friday Night Fights” entries that Shockwave was my vote for the Hall of Fame. In the cartoon he was completely loyal to Megatron to the point of worshiping him as a god. (He actually waits 4,000,000 years to hear from him. Even in Transformer time, that’s a long time.) In the comic, he actually craves Megatron’s command from the point of view that Megatron is too emotional to command the very cause he created. Either way, Shockwave is as cold as he appears, believing so strongly in logic that even a Vulcan would say he needs to relax. Either way, he has demonstrated that he may in fact be a better commander than Megatron. One disappointment, however, is that had Prowl been written the right way he would have made a great archenemy for Shockwave; logic with a touch of compassion (Prowl) vs. logic with a touch of ruthlessness (Shockwave). Sadly, this may never come to pass.

(By the way, a bit of warning if you do your own searches for Shockwave fan art on deviantART. There are a lot of disturbing images of Shockwave as either a sexy girl or a cat. I’m not sure Shockwave himself would approve, and I’ve worked with once.)


Allegiance: Predacon Maximal

Function: Front Line Combat

The only entry from the Beast Wars line, Dinobot won over many TransFans with the episode “Code of Hero“, where he dies a warrior’s death. It was a well done episode, but I personally found Rattrap a more enjoyable character. Still, Dinobot has earned his nomination for being one of the more developed characters from that era.

So who is your choice to enter the Transformers Hall of Fame? Feel free to post here, but go vote for him while you have the time. (Voting ends May 28th, 2010.)

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