If you want to read some great Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stories, check Dreamwave’s run, based off of the 4Kids animated series (allegedly). They really knew how to bring in some great talent. Sadly, they didn’t figure out how to pay them or realize that not everyone can draw in Pat Lee’s style (some would say not even Pat Lee, but that’s another story). The final arc before the company collapsed is a great tale that should be seen. Time allowing, it will be a “Scanning My Collection” in the future (but now that my DVD-Rom is working, I really want to get to a video–two words: Captain Marvel).

It’s also the source of a two-part fight. But how can I do that within Spacebooger‘s fight rules? Simple, since the Turtles aren’t in this one. At least one’s presence, however, will be felt.

Round 6 of 12

I said I was going to try something different for this last half.

The Battlefield: “Bend it like Turtles”, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #6 (Dreamwave, November 2003) (THIS is when I decided to start adding titles?)

The Promoters: Peter David (writer), LeSean (penciler), Erik Sander (inker), Shaun Curtis, Ranil Sunga, Rob Ruffolo, and Winter Bell (colorists), Matt Moylan (letterer), and Henny Li (flats)

Yeah, that’s another thing. They really liked to get as many names into a credits page as they possibly could.

Anyway, April has a friend who is need of serious martial arts training. He has a kung-fu blackbelt, but in his first fight to protect his would-be love interest, he gets his shell handed to him. Leonardo is called in to give him some advanced training. So it’s time for a rematch!

"Smile when you say that, partner."

And that’s how Leo’s presence is felt. But this fight is all Dheeraj’s. Last time he didn’t have the confidence. Now he’s got the eye of the tiger turtle!

Of course, my first reaction would be send in the big guy first, too.


Leo may be coaching from the shadows…

"I'm not falling for that...oh, right, your on my side."

…but the fists…

Based on a kids show, you know.

…and the feet are all Raj’s. Suffice it to say, the gang is out of there. At least for now. As Splinter tells Leo later, “such things are rarely over, and rarely that easily”. Be here next week, as the Turtles come out to play god. Literally. Until then…

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