Here we go, folks. The time has come. The final days of the one known as Bahlactus. Oh, he’s still alive, as far as I know. However, the site sits as memories on the internet. While there is a new master of the Friday Night Fights, we take one last look at the best of what’s left of the old days.

As last time the theme goes out to the ladies. If you have the right equipment, you could be featured in this tournament. So let’s say our final goodbyes and bring out the girls not to strip (although with some of the outfits artists give them you wouldn’t know it) but to kick but as only a Bahlactus Babe can.

The Best Of 

Ladies Night Part 2

round 7:

round 8:

round 9:

round 10:

round 11:

 round 12

 And like that, a legend end. However, the legacy would continue. The torch was passed from Bahlactus to our current ring lord, Spacebooger! The next time we return to the Best of Friday Night Fights, a new man in charge, a new theme, and the first appearance in the Fights of the Winged Shadow.

But although we give our new overlord his props, we bid farewell to the one who began the war. This was the last post of Always Bet on Bahlactus as of this post. Sometimes he still pops up (usually when mentioned without the link to his site–although I haven’t ruled out a bot), but in the end, he will always be remembered in the hearts of those the Friday Night Fights brought together.

To quote a famous line from my circles…”See you soon, space cowboy.”

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

5 responses »

  1. Gary says:

    Do you know, that post featuring the “spandex clad butt” line is STILL the highest rating single post on my blog, even after nearly two whole years!!

    If I want more traffic, I just need to include that line more often!


  2. notintheface says:

    Aww, my “Dawn vs. Mecha-Dawn” and “Beetle vs. The Wall” posts didn’t make the cut.


    • Dawn vs. Mecha-Dawn almost made it, kaiju/Ultraman fan that I am. However, I’ve never really cared about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I wasn’t that invested. Also, some posts would have probably interested me more on some days than others, so I kind of stuck to the ones that would get my attention on any day.


  3. notintheface says:

    That’s OK. At least you picked the Huntress entry, which was my favorite of the ones I posted. That’s probably because my wife’s a schoolteacher.


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