Bullseye decides to help the cover artist out.

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man Vol2 #4

Marvel Comics (September 2010)

WRITER: Paul Tobin
ARTISTS: Matteo Lolli, Terry Pallot, and Scott Koblish
COLORS: Sotocolor
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
COVER: Karl Kerschl, Serge LaPointe, and Nadine Thomas
PRODUCTION: Randal Miller
EDITOR: Nathan Cosby
PUBLISHER: Dan Buckley

Peter agrees to “babysit” Flapper, the owl from last issue, for Chat, while Gwen and Carter end up in a Romeo & Juliet situation. After taking out some muggers, Spidey is insulted by someone in the crowd, including the guy he helped save. As Chat tries to cheer Peter up, they are attacked by Bullseye (finally), who give Spider-Man the fight of his life. But when Bullseye attempts the killing blow, Flapper takes the shot, and the enraged wall-crawler makes Bullseye pay for it before collapsing on the roof.

What they got right: After keeping us waiting for two volumes, we FINALLY get the Bullseye fight, and it was worth the wait. Probably the best fight sequence in Tobin’s run on this title. You also wonder if it’s over yet, knowing Bullseye and with the preview for next issue. The supporting cast is also well-used, including poor Flapper.

What they got wrong: Is there supposed to be a title on that splash page?

Recommendation: If the only thing I have to complain about is the lack of a title, then this is a title worth getting. I just hope Flapper’s OK.

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