Last week I said we were going to look at issue #16, the story that made Bumblebee for me. I didn’t get to post it yesterday as I had planned and as I looked over it the fights weren’t that spectacular. So we’ll get to it, I promise.

Speaking of things I need to get to, the next step in Bumblebee’s character development wasn’t handled by Bob Budiansky or Simon Furman but Michael Higgins. In the four-part G.I. Joe & The Transformers, we get our next big event in Bumblebee’s life, and he was never the same after it.

Round 4 of 12

The Battlefield: G.I. Joe & The Transformers #1

The Promoters: Michael Higgins (writer), Herbe Trimpe (artist), Vince Colletta (inker), Joe Rosen (letterer), Nel Yomtov (“anybody who wants to color a Transformer will do so over my corspe!”), and Bob Harras & Don Daley (editors)

The Decepticons want to take a mobile power station created by the humans and guarded by the Joes. Bumblebee is sent to observe the station in secret and warn of Decepticon attack to the Autobots, but is forced to break cover to save a young boy from a Decepticon-controlled Alpha, courtesy of Bombshell. Surely, the Joes will see that he’s one of the good guys and this will lead to universal understanding between Autobots and the mili…

What the hell, G.I. Joe?

Actually, this will lead to understanding later on thanks to G.B. Blackrock and Bumblebee will be rebuilt as Goldbug, the form we see on the right in my logo. However, this is not how it happened in the UK and if I can find a copy of that story we’ll be back with it next week. But while I search for it…

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  1. Felicity says:

    I’m a less experienced connoisseuse of writing than I am of art, but even I could tell that the writing in that series was out of character for both the Transformers and GI Joe. They should have had Bob Budiansky write the Transformer dialogue and Larry Hama write the Joe dialogue.

    The stilted, weirdly old-fashioned dialogue we got made the whole thing seem cheap and incompetent.


    • Some other reviewer, I think it was at Covenant of Primus, brought up how quickly Hawk and Senator Larkin’s romance sprung up. Not having read the G.I. Joe series, I wouldn’t know.

      I think what bothered me most, and I really should review that series to complete my Joe/Transformer crossover series reviews (I’ve already done Dreamwave and Devils’ Due’s series), is how little impact the events had on the Transformers. This should have been the beginning of positive US/Autobot relations, but RATT apparently doesn’t even use the reports to find the Autobot base and it wasn’t until years later that Forsythe figures out that Blackrock’s talk of good and evil factions were legit.

      Then again, we’re talking Marvel citizens, and even outside of the main Marvel Universe, Marvel citizens are paranoid idiots.


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